Experiential Learning

7 Feb

This story is fantastic… If you cannot view the video below, click here to see it on CBS’s website.

Is Jack’s curiosity something he was born with?

Was it fostered?  If so how?

How does nature and nurture play into his life experiences?

Strategies To Support Mathematical Thinking

6 Feb

Strategies To Support Mathematical Thinking

Strategies To Support Mathematical Thinking

Click the link above to read a great article that provides useful and simple suggestions for supporting mathematical thinking in your classroom while also bolstering engagement.  The author, Lily Jones of the Teaching Channel, includes videos to help explain and describe her strategies.  It’s a very informative and practical resource.  Enjoy!

Math Workshop at Underhill School

22 Jan

Math Workshop

Click the link above to view our newest addition to the Underhill School blog family.  Amanda Stark, our Title I math tutor, has compiled a variety of resources and information regarding our implementation of Math in Focus at Underhill School. We believe the more we can communicate with our families and community, the more our students will learn!

November Faculty Meeting

14 Nov

Below you will find our November faculty meeting.  You will only have access to this if you are a member of SAU15 staff.




13 Nov

Photo on 11-13-13 at 2.59 PM

Movember United States – Home

So, I have a goofy mustache this month.  It might even classify as pathetic; but it’s all in the name of men’s health.  The foundation, MOVEMBER, is literally changing the face of men’s health by changing the faces of men.  Through encouraging men like me to grow a mustache for the month of November (Movember), the group is raising funds and awareness for men’s mental health, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer.  If you are interested in supporting the cause, click the link below to donate.


Whose Classroom Is It? | Responsive Classroom

11 Oct

Whose Classroom Is It? | Responsive Classroom

Creating a classroom community is one of the strongest ways to engage students in their learning–to make them active learners.  Click the link above to read how Suzy Ghosh begins her year in a “Responsive Classroom” way and allows the children to create their own unique space.


Hooksett School District Mathematics Blog: What is a Ten Frame

23 Sep

What is a Ten Frame?

In case you missed Becky Wing’s post last week about ten frames on the Hooksett School District Mathematics blog, click the link above or below to read it.  It provides a basic understanding of one of the most important tools our students / children will use in Math in Focus.  The video she posted is below.

“If you’re wondering what a ten frame is and how it can be used to help students develop number sense… watch this video example of a first grade student.”

September Faculty Meeting

12 Sep

Underhill Staff, you can check here for this and past faculty meeting presentations along with other school team and committee minutes.

Hooksett School District Mathematics Blog

4 Sep

Hooksett School District Mathematics: Problem Solving is at the Center

Our School district now has a math blog to help with a successful implementation of our new math program, Math in Focus.  We are committed to providing information and as much support as possible to our students, parents, and staff as we begin year one.  Please click the link above to read the most recent post about the importance of mathematical problem solving.

There are links that lead to resources for parents, students and staff.

Thank you Becky Wing for compiling all of these great resources and providing this information!

The Library Link: CCSS – How can I help you? Let me count the ways…

29 Aug

The Library Link: CCSS – How can I help you? Let me count the ways….

Follow this link to Karen Landsman’s post that reiterates the sentiment mentioned in my blog post about the value of the school librarian.  She is instrumental in ensuring we are addressing the many facets of the Common Core.


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